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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 4, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. let's check weather and traffic. steve is off today but we have rosemary. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have a great looking day. as you get out the door you will
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notice we're chillier. some of our temperatures colder by 10 degrees or so. overall we have some pretty good visibility out there. we will be partly cloudy increasing clouds by the second half of the afternoon. forecasted highs upper 50s to 60s. sal. >> reporter: right now we have a look at northbound interstate 280 with little or no delay into the valley. the traffic looks good. also on 17 coming over the hill. let's go back to the desk. in overnight traffic news a rollover crash sent a driver to the hospital. the highway patrol says a car heading westbound on highway 4 left the roadway, rolled over several times and ended up on the eastbound side of the highway near the hill crest
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avenue exit. it's not clear what causeed the car to leave the roadway. i did get some new information from police on the main drag here. the victim did not report what happened. inted the hospital where she went for treatment called police. >> gets hit and can couple of cuts and runs off. >> reporter: a bomb out jogging
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is attacked by a man. the 32-year-old woman told police she was on the block of green field on wednesday night. the suspect wearing all black clothing snuck up behind her and demanded money at knife point. the victim said the suspect cut her with a knife in the face because she didn't have anything to give limb. the victim told police she drove herself ohm. we'll hear from two people who regularly walk was picking the wrong person. we have seen a number of bikers
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and early morning joggers out here. nasa said a rocket that failed to reach launch appears to have landed in the pacific ocean. nasa officials say the launch of the glory satellite just after 2:00 this morning went well, but then a protective nose cone on the rocket did not separate from the satellite as it should have about three minutes after the launch. that left the spacecraft too heavy to reach orbit. student protesters who occupied a building ledge for more than seven hours are claiming victory. eight students were led out last night.
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they came down after campus officials pet some of their demands including agreeing to a town hall meeting. >> we're really happen about that. we're not criminals here. we're concerned students. we deserve for the leaders on this campus to take us seriously. >> all of the protesters were cited for press passing. university officials say 26 classes were cancelled yesterday. if you think leaving behind change or dollars is all right,
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it really entices thieves and that's exactly what happened right here in the centerville train depot parking lot last night. >> usually there's one but driving around yesterday there were 30, 40. it feels amazing after work just the amount of class in the parking lot. >> reporter: we know the calls came pouring in yesterday morning. officers realized the target was whatever was left inside the cars parked here most likely loose change.
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put your valuables outside and that includes the change in your cup holders. ktvu has obtained video of another drug bust in san francisco. the latest tape was taken new year's eve. they kick in the door. they arrested a 28-year-old suspect. two of the officers you see in this tape have already been named in the misconduct investigation. there's new legal questions in this case.
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>> it appears it was as if they lawfully seized the items. >> prosecutors dropped this case because two of the officers were already under i vest grace for perjury and misconduct in two earlier video taped drug busts. legal experts say more san francisco drug cases would be affected. a young man accused of robbing oakland grocery shoppers was arrested after a judge released him from jail. the oakland tribune reports that the crimes occurred after a judge had released him on his own. his earlier arrest was for an unrelated street robbery. is it feeling like friday, sal? >> reporter: so far it is. i think people are -- what happens on friday is a lot of people work four days and have friday to work from home or maybe not work at all because
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we're looking at a nice looking drive on 24. it's not completely light but it is lighter than it has been the last four days. also the weather is holding much better than it was at the beginning of the week. 88 looks good down to freemont. let's go to rosemary. >> reporter: we are seeing the first signs of life. we have mossly clear skies. this will spin another storm our
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way. take a look at the moisture this system will bring. we're not going to see a whole lot of rain but anywhere from half inch to maybe an inch nor the north bay. quarter inch for the rest of us. would be a little gusty at times. no advisories in place at this time. today and into first half of tomorrow we're going to be dry and today perhaps the warmest day of the week. upper 60s for san jose. your extended forecast, temperatures will cool as early as tomorrow. rainy saturday night through sunday. temperatures on sunday going to be wet and 60 degrees. drying out on monday with a few showers remaining. that will be the coolest day and 60 degrees and partly cloudy skies on tuesday.
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dozens of people have no electricity because of two separate accidents involving utility poles. originally more than two thousand people lost power. your service should be back on any time now. san jose firefighters just agreed to a 10% pay cut to help the city deal with a one hundred million dollar deficit. >> that's a big sacrifice. we know it will be difficult for the members to continue doing their work while taking a pay cut. >> as part of the deal firefighters will be laid off. the union still has to ratify the deal and the city council will take a vote on tuesday. the city of san jose has called on all of its unions to take pay cuts or face layoffs. time now 6:11. scientists just put together a
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picture of what the most typical person on earth looks like. we're going to show you. why a bay area congressman says a woman is responsible for an attack.
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back here at home barbara lee is saying the plan by republican damagal leers to cut $61 billion from the budget targets the most needy people. california elected if i recalls accepted more than $600,000 worth of gifts last year many of them from companies and groups that lobby in sacramento. this is according to to the
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latest disclosure states that state lawmakers accepted gifts that included drips abroad, and sporting events and memberships in gyms. the gifts came from groups like the state prison guards union as well as drug manufacturers. the labor battle between football players and team owners is in overtime. what's the latest? >> reporter: the high stakes here in washington, d.c. players and owners are facing another midnight deadline tonight and the player lockout is still looming. the two sides left the mediators office without a deal last
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night. they are dead locked over a plan that would shift for profits to owners and i said tend the nfl season. neither side seems to be budging much. >> for no football to be planned, it would be a travesty for a lot of businesses. >> reporter: right now the astronaut crews are unloading a new storage container on board the international space station. we're looking at mission control.
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we know what the most typical human face on earth looks like. according to national goegraphic magazine, this is it. a hann chinese man is the most typical person on the planet and there's 9 million of them. sal has been saying the commute is pretty typical for a friday. >> reporter: it is. i would say on friday's we usually have the compute a little lighter than usual. so far it's been that way. let's take a look at some of these pictures and 24 westbound looking pretty good.
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last friday - raining pretty hard. right now we don't have that. we don't have any flooding issues that we did last week. a little bit of slowing westbound 92. let's go to rosemary. >> reporter: we're about two weeks from the official arrival of spring. it's going to feel like spring today. mostly clear skies, dry conditions. some areas reporting a little bit of fog. light rainfalling over areas. takes most of the evening into
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the overnight hours. by sunday morning we're all going to bewet. if you're going to be out and about you're going to need the umbrella and raincoat. we're going to be warmer in many cases. upper 50s for your lunch hour and 63 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon. notice we get the high clouds leads of the stormy clouds. that's what we're likely to see for today. 67 will be the afternoon for the afternoon. we're all wet on sunday. we see scattered showers come monday. once we get past that we're looking pretty good. the coolest day will be monday afternoon. pam. target has agreed to pay $22 million over the dumper of
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hazardous wastes. san ma texaso, alemeda will all receive money from this suit. don't be surprised to see even higher gas prices today than they were yesterday. according to to a aaa report they jumped an average of three cents a gallon overnight in the bay area. the price in oakland is now $3.86 and that is up 7-cents just since wednesday afternoon. time now 6:21. signs there could be some other flaws in gas pipelines similar to the one that caused the deadly san bruno explosion. we'll tell you what pg&e is promising to do. the bold action a grandmother took when faced with an intrudesser in her home.
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good morning. a little bit of back up here.
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6:24. let's go back to the desk. >> pg&e is now promising to improve safety and public awareness of its gas pipeline. the company says it will mail a safety letter to all customers living within 2000 feet of one of its pipelines and in pop youlated areas pge and will install safety valves that can be shut off remotely. the changes come after the company got slammed at an ntsb hearing this week looking into the san bruno pipeline explosion. >> this is exactly the type of progress that we could hope for in a public hearing like this. >> ntsb criticized them for the quality of their well.
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gram mom is 84, lives alone and says she was not about to become a victim. she says the noise woke her up around midnight sunday and she grabbed her gun from her night stand. she said when the intruder saw her and her gun he ran for his life after she started shooting. >> my mind told me get the gun. >> you didn't hesitate to fire it either? >> oh, no. >> the bullet went into a wall. the suspect escaped through a book door that police say he kicked in earlier. a new security door has been installed. the gun is right where it needs
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to be ready if needed again. the search continues for the person who stole this couple's dog. zoe with described at about for in a public hearing pounds. you can see it's all white with a brown and pink and white polka dot collar. we're going to hear from the man accused of driving more than a hundred miles an hour with his wife on the hood of the car. what he told the judge about the wild ride. . more worries in freemont. the story is live coming up. just about an hour ago it will affect stocks today. the opening bell is about to ring. pam will have all the numbers.
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welcome back. the unemployment rate dropped to 8.9%. analysts were expected it to go up a bit. we'll keep watching the numbers and see what happens. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning to you. you made it to friday, march 4th. >> you might think locking up your valuables in your car is
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enough but thieves in freemont have proven dozens of people wrong. jades hernandez has exactly on what is being targeted. >> reporter: about 30 minutes ago we caught a passenger getting off an ace train that comes through the centerville train depot. he had his belongings stolen and he parked right in this parking lot. >> all of the cars had broken windows. we figured it was 25 to 30 but i guess it was closer to 50. >> reporter: we don't know if the cars were broken into at once or if it was staggered. the calls came pouring in yesterday. if that's not enough the number of cars broken into, officers
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realize the thieves targeted whatever was left inside and that was loose change. we're going to bring you back out live here. make sure that you put your dollars and coins in your cup holder awas as well before you park your car and leave it. jade hernandez, ktvu, channel 2 news. a bizarre court appearance by a plan accused of driving on the freemont with his wife clinging to the hood of his mini van. he reportedly refused any help from a public defender yesterday and told a judge i did that all to my wife. i'm guilty.
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police say his wife suffered h hyperthermia. he's expected to go back on court on tuesday. he is being held now without bail. this morning the investigation continues into another frightening attack at napa state hospital. hospital workers tell us that earlier this week a patient ripped off the clothe organize a female employee and tried to rape her. they say two members of the nursing staff were there at the time of the attack. >> they followed hospital protocol. they had two staff. they weren't alone. they followed the procedures in place. what is that individual doing here? >> that patient is now in napa county jail facing four felonies. workers say he wasn't considered a dangerous patient. this is the third inmate attack of a napa state hospital workers. in one attack a nurse was strangled to death.
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san jose police are investigating a vicious road rain attack. police say william mosson beat a driver with a lammer wednesday afternoon. police say he got out of his car at the intersection and attacked the other driver. he says he was angry because the other driver cut him off. the victim is expected to survive. your time now 6:33. yet another milestone for the bay bridge. just hours ago work crews finished a big construction job. >> reporter: they're pretty excited about this because they finished early even with bad weather this week. we have new video. i'll show you that in a bit. you can see the tower going above the current bay bridge. what you're looking at now is the tower that stands at 480 eat. it's going to be 525 feet when
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all this is said and done. really they only have one section left because they completed this latest section at 1:30 this morning. let's give you a look at this video now. it shows you up close what's been happening there week. you've seen a lot of crews and activities. this section is a hundred feet long. each section was supposed to take about 30 hours. that would have taken them until tomorrow if it was on schedule and not ahead of schedule. keep in mind they thought things would be put behind because on tuesday we had that wind and rain and that really does affect us when that kind of piece of construction is hanging in the air.
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they stopped what they were doing and waited a few hours for everything to calm down before they started work up again. for this to be done at 1:30 this morning that's a very significant development. what's next? there's a thing called a saddle. just one last piece that needs to go up. it's here on properties and right now we're going to go over and take a look at it. it will be pretty remarkable when it's way up on top that. live here at oakland claudene wong. ridership on the bart has been increasing since july. more people are finding jobs and so they are taking the trains to work. it could also be because of the rise in gas prices. >> it's very expensive to fill my tank up. i would rather park the car and get on bart and go. >> the all time high for ridership was in september 2008
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when the average price of gas first hit $4 a gallon. let's see what's happening on the roads. are we having fun around the toll plaza? >> reporter: i wouldn't say it's fun but better than it has been. earlier in the week we had rain. today it's dry. the metering lights are on and there's a bit of back up here. this is a look at 880 northbound. the traffic is moving along very well. let's go to rosemary. >> reporter: you can see mostly clear skies in most cases. not even a lot of fog to deal with out there.
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we will see increasing clouds throughout the afternoon but no rain just yet. let's enjoy the next couple of days. storm tracker showing you we have calm start out there. a light breeze at santa rosa. we're at our coldest in and around some of our bay area valleys. 38 expected as you head out the door. 36 in napa. a few degrees above freezing in some areas. we will continue with this dry pattern through the afternoon. a ridge of high pressure in place. we will begin to see high clouds rolling in. that trough to the north of us tapping into this. subtropical moisture here. once we get the mid latitudes, storms moving through. we will see a good amount of rain. we are looking at anywhere from half inch to an inch for areas north of the golden gate. a quarter inch for most of the
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rest of us. dry today, dry most of tomorrow. the rain will move in by the early evening hours. by sunday morning we're all waking up with rain overhead. dry on tuesday and temperatures rebounding to the upper 50s, low 60s. the american idol judges were supposed to pick 12 finalists, but they didn't. the unexpected results of last night's show and what it means for the two bay area contestants. a jogger is attacked. what she did immediately
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following it will attack instead of calling the police.
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welcome back. here is a quick look at the stories we are following for you
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now. a seven hour stand off at uc berkeley has ended after the protesters climbed down from a ledge. they were cited for trespassing but they say campus officials met some of their demands. nasa says the rocket landed in the pacific ocean because it was too heavy. this morning an important warning for walkers and joggers in one community. police are describing a violent attack right in the middle of a
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popular neighborhood. >> reporter: good morning. it's a mystery because nobody knows who did this and also because it's such a rare event here in san anselmo. news of this attack scared people who like to run or walk the streets. >> honestly it creeped me out. i usually go out walking about quarter to 6 in the morning by myself. >> reporter: it happened on the 400 block of green field avenue on wednesday night. a 32-year-old woman told police a man dressed in black wearing a ski mask snuck up behind her. the woman said he demanded money. >> it's a little frightening, i think. >> reporter: police say the victim walked home but did not call them. instead she got into her vehicle
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and do to the keiser. she was treated for cuts on her face. all police have to go on the it's a man and he's about six feet tall. they don't have race or an age. all morning long we have been seeing people like this man right here. there's a lot of bikers, joggers, walkers. this is a community that likes to do this sort of thing. time now 6:45. there will be an autopsy for the teen who collapsed on the court and later died. he just made the game winning shot to tend undefeated season. he collapsed shortly after this photo you're looking at was taken. paramedics performed cpr but the young man later died at the hospital. the cause of death has not been
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determined. he is the second student to die in the last 14 months. just last january a wrestler had a seizure at home hours after a match and later died. a retired fbi agent who vanished four years ago in iran is now believed to be alive. last night secretary of state hillary clinton said there's evidence that robert levinson is somewhere in southwest asia. it's believed the government captured him in 2007. his family said he was in the country working as a private detective. efforts to get him out of iran may be underway now. police are trying to determine if dale smith's wife had anything to do with his death or
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the burial. she reportedly purchased 300 pounds of sand last year but her lawyers are not saying if that was for the patio area where dale smith's body was found. wisconsin state employees will find out today if they will lose their jobs. all 14 senate democrats are hiding in neighboring illinois. they are refusing to vote on the bill that could take away collective bargaining rights by employees unions. 17 days of protest over that bill is now over at wisconsin state capital building. yesterday a judge ordered them to leave the building in madison at closing time. the ruling wasn't a complete loss for the protesters. the june ruled that state officials restricted access to
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the capital. american idol is supposed to be down to 12 contestanst but there are 13 and two of them are from northern california. the judges had to make some difficult decisions. >> i go by feeling. if they are making me feel something, i know they are making somebody else feel something. >> all in all it's been a roller coaster ride. >> it's going to get tougher and tougher. time now 6:48. let's see what's happening on the roads now. >> reporter: hearing about
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something in the south bay near bucknal. there was a hit and run accident. 880 north and southbound here as you drive past the coliseum that looks okay. it's been lighter than usual at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a five minute delay if you're paying cash. the rest of the lanes are moving very well. let's go to rosemary. >> reporter: good morning to you. inching toward the weekend and we are looking pretty good out there. what a gorgeous start to the day we've got. partly cloudy and increasing by the afternoon. it's going to be the high clouds. the ones we don't mind so much. they're ahead of this next storm coming in saturday night into sunday. the north bay first. could see anywhere from a quarter inch in most areas to
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half an inch over areas right around napa/santa rosa. snow levels near 5000 feet in some cases. pack those chains if you don't have the snow tires. little to snow accumulation expected. for today and through the area we are looking at some great weather. we'll be sitting in the 40s over the course of the next hour or so. by noontime mid-50s to low 60s. partly sunny skies and looking at upper 60 for the afternoon. many of us will be warmer than yesterday. we're tolder than yesterday so maybe test the waters before you get out doors. low 60s across the board. what's happening for the weekend?
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we told you about the rain that will move in saturday night and last new sunday. temperatures in the overnight not too bad. our coolest day will be 5 a on monday when the core of the storm begins to move east. 60 degrees expected in the afternoon. good news for wal-mart shareholders. it's raising its annual dividends. that's despite last month's report that u.s. sales fell for the 7th quarter in a row. that's raising doubts that wal-mart can turn around u.s. business this year. are you looking for a job? this is an interesting one. later this month purina holding auditions for cat owners who love to travel. it's monday, march 19th between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. they are looking for someone who can blog about traveling with a
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feline companion. they will pay your travel expenses for a year and a 50,000-dollar salary. not bad, so good luck to you. a live look at the big board. dow jones coming down about 14 points. here is what people on wall street say. yesterday the rumor that the jobs report was going to be good, numbers were up. today the news comes in. the numbers were down. layoffs that led to extreme violence. what workers in india did after losing their job and who was the target of their anger. good morning. westbound 24. the traffic is still to oakland. we'll tell you about the morning commute ahead.
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welcome back. layoffs in indian turned deadly. laid off employees set their poston fire. it happened yesterday after a dozen factory workers got laid off. they doused the car their boss was riding in with gasoline and set it on fire.
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their boss died from severe burns. at least two people have been arrested. byu has suspended brandon davies because he violated the rule banning premarital sex. the church has strict rules involving sex. he has apologized but his punishment may still go beyond the basketball court. the university is now considering kicking him out of school. it's looking like the nba sacramento kings will no longer call the capital city home. sacramento mayor kevin johnson believes the team owner are determined to move to anaheim and sacramento's only chance is if negotiations fall through. owners told the mayor they would not be willing to sell the team even if the ownership group from sacramento steps in to buy it. the kings have been in sacramento for 26 years since
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moving here from kansas city. our time is now 6:56. a couple's beach wedding video has become a hit on you tube after they posed for pictures at the beach. kathy moore and bryan got married on october 23rd. because of bad weather on the actual wedding day they went back to the beach a couple of days later to take some photos. that's when the wave came on. they say they have gotten so many offers of them getting run over by that wave. they say they are not interested in making money. >> they might rethink that a little later. that could be really scary. good morning, everyone. coming up, we'll continue to watch the toll plaza. so far it's been good.
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the other commutes are getting a little busier. we have another traffic update just minutes away. we want to get a quick forecast with rose mary. >> reporter: today is gearing up to be the warmest day of the week. we're looking at low 60s for santa rosa. 66 expected in gilroy. outside our doors this morning we're chillier so make sure you bring along a light jacket. coming up, another milestone for the bridge project. what's just an hour ago. also a new deadline in that nfl labor dispute. how a work stoppage would affect the bay area. stay with us.
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